As I mentioned in a previous post on my website Solar has been one of our key verticals since I founded the company in 2016. LMG has been one of the largest providers of Opt-in Solar leads both real-time and aged. During my 5 years, LMG has partnered with some of the best publishers and call centers in the Solar industry. Over the past 5 years, we have worked with every type of Solar lead from real-time exclusive to aged leads. Over the past year, we have found our strength has been in providing Real-time and aged opt-in data to Solar companies. The data is accurate and is compliant for calling. 

In the past, LMG has contracted offshore call centers to generate appointments. In many cases, this has been a successful strategy. Our focus now is working with Solar teams who have strong inside sales teams that can schedule their own appointments and control the lead internally. This strategy can ensure quality and exclusivity. 

As Solar continues to grow so will competition. In recent weeks we have had new Solar teams calling to purchase data to schedule virtual appointments. In some cases, these Solar teams have resided outside of the US. As the climate for Green Energy continues to be favorable, expect many new players to come into the market. As competition increases consider what options are available to generate more appointments.

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