Last week I attended LeadsCon in Las Vegas, which is the largest leads and data conference in the world. While attending LeadsCon, I was surprised to learn that the number one topic was ERC marketing. Everyone from brokers to publishers and call-center owners was talking about ERC. This program is the Employee Retention Credit. How the program works is if a merchant has two or more W-2 employees and his business was affected during the pandemic, he is eligible for up to $26,000 per employee, this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are a Merchant cash advance broker, a business lending consultant, or any other type of consultant, you should strongly consider participating in ERC. This program will give you an opportunity to not only earn consulting fees but also increase your customer pipeline of merchants that you can assist and later offer additional products. We have many clients that buy our leads and business data that have already helped hundreds of merchants receive an ERC and have been paid significant consulting fees for doing this work. The program has been extended out to 2025 so there’s plenty of time to participate in ERC

You may know, business owners, or merchants, who qualify for ERC who you may be able to help but if you don’t hear or some of the ways that you can contact merchants to offer your services and the system for obtaining an ERC

Call Center Marketing

You may currently own your own call center or have an internal team of prospectors. Many of our clients use their internal call centers or outsource to offshore call centers to generate leads for ERC. If you’re going to be using a call center and telemarketing there are two important things that you want to consider. You want to be calling the best possible leads as well as the most compliant leads. You want to make sure that you were contacting merchants that have the proper number of employees and you want to make sure the leads that you’re calling have been properly cleaned to avoid TCPA violations. Lastly, make sure that you are constantly training your sales team to handle objections, provide updated rebuttals, as well as providing new information on the ERC program. merchants are getting many phone calls from brokers and consultants so it’s important that your team differentiate itself from other sales teams.


In any business were finding that SMS Marketing is the new email. SMS marketing is a way to get to the merchant faster than any other method. We currently have broker teams purchasing our 10+ employee data and contacting merchants with multiple text message campaigns to educate them and assist them in obtaining an ERC. Like call-center marketing, it’s imperative that you have the proper data and this data is cleaned properly to protect you from TCPA violations. Our clients in the past have used platforms such as Textedly, Click Send and Skippio your homework on these platforms and see what would work best for you

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way that our clients have been able to contact merchants and assist them with the ERC program. In many cases, merchants don’t respond to the first email so a multiple email or drip marketing campaign is required to attract the attention of the merchant. It’s imperative that you have the proper data as well as emailing verified emails. My team uses Bouncify to verify our emails, which will protect you from obtaining a high spam score. There are many different platforms that our clients use. Recently, several of our clients have told us that by using a service called Expert Senter. They have had success in reaching merchants and getting into the inbox.

Ringless Voicemail

If texting is the new email, then RVM  is the new texting. We have had many of our clients tell us that they have been able to obtain new customers for ERC by using ringless voicemail. This is another way to reach merchants and to get the most out of your data, make sure you do not waste your marketing budget by using unqualified data. Make sure you clean your data to avoid TCPA violations. I use can also look at as another option. Many of my clients have used for their RVM campaigns and have reported success.

Avoid Over-Marketed States

With ERC  extending to 2025 we believe that the opportunity in ERC is enormous everywhere. However, there are some states that are more marketed and advertised than other states such as California, Florida, Texas, and  New York. Our clients are telling us that they are having tremendous success marketing in some of the smaller states where advertising and marketers are not as expensive as some of these other larger states, for example just last week one of our clients informed us they assisted a merchant in a $625,000 ERC in a Midwestern state. This merchant had vaguely heard of ERC, but was told that he did not qualify by looking in the states like Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Idaho, Wyoming, and many more there is literally a gold mine of opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity ERC is a once-in-a-lifetime program that will not only help merchants 

recover from the pandemic and move the business forward, but will give you an opportunity to earn massive consulting fees, and to build a book of business that could last you the next 10 or 20 years.

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