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Getting quality leads seems to be the most challenging part of running a thriving MCA business. So, how do you get those leads – and what kind of leads are the best?

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Merchant Cash Advance is one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries in the US. It is also one of the most competitive industries in the US with new ISOs opening everyday looking to take market share from established players. Loyola Media Group has been involved with MCA Lead Generation since 2015. Partners from our team have owned ISOs and worked directly with Funding companies and industry leaders. We know how important leads are to your business. We offer the following products.

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MCA Live Transfers

MCA Live Transfers

Merchants are contacted by our team, and qualified for the following. Interest in a business loan, monthly revenue, use of proceeds, open positions, and default history if any.

MCA Inbound Leads​

MCA Inbound Leads

Not to be confused with a live transfer, these leads are generated by text and email and sent directly to your team as an inbound response.

24 Hour MCA Submissions​

24 Hour MCA Submissions

Data provided to your team with the latest funding’s in the industry. We can provide these leads with cell, landlines and email contacts.

MCA Aged Submissions​

MCA Aged Submissions

We compile data monthly of merchants who have submitted an application and package to a broker for funding. Leads typically come with revenue, amount requested and proper contact information.

MCA Web Leads​

MCA Web Leads

Merchants who have searched for funding options online and filled out a form asking to be contacted to discuss a business loan. Leads are exclusive and real time. These merchants are screened for time in business, revenue, use of proceeds, and amount requested.

MCA Appointments

MCA Appointments

Merchants who have been contacted by our team and have expressed an interest in a business loan. Merchants are screened for minimum 6 months in business, minimum 15k in revenue, use of proceeds, timeline when funds will be needed, if they have an existing advance, and if the merchant has collateral to secure a higher amount of funding than they might normally qualify for. These leads are verified for quality and sent to you real time by email. These leads can be purchased exclusive or shared.



We continue to hear from our clients that Trigger data provides some of the highest quality and cleanest deals in the industry. For seasoned teams that are experts in prospecting, we provide Trigger leads with cell, landline and email contacts.

How can we guarantee the highest closing leads in the industry?

How can we guarantee the highest closing leads in the industry?

Because we put a lot of effort into gathering quality leads. We offer exclusive MCA Leads, which we gather through targeted email and SMS marketing, social media campaigns, and original ad content. We also guarantee that you will receive the freshest content

Our promise

Our promise

We know how frustrating poor MCA Leads are. We are experts in the industry, having worked in the field ourselves. That’s why we sought to change the game. You have just discovered a source of leads that actually drive sales.

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