This may be the best time in the history of Solar to be in sales. With inflation, energy costs rising, and extended tax credits there have never been more reasons to go solar. Homeowners are looking for any way they can save money as prices of groceries, gas, and other goods continue to increase. Solar teams have more reasons to convince homeowners to go solar than ever before. If you are building out your sales organization and looking ahead to 2023 here are a few ideas on how to increase sales in the next year. 

Build a World Class Team.

Many of my clients that are hitting record numbers monthly have the roles of their sales people well defined. Many teams have either internal or outside sales teams that they contract to schedule appointments for their closers. The top teams are calling on the highest quality data,  opt in solar leads generated by search. These are people who have gone online and have searched for solar. These are actual interested people. These team members need to be given proper training and incentives to generate the highest amount of appointments for your closers. Ongoing training on how to handle objections is key to keeping your team sharp. Outside sales closers who will be given these appointments must also be trained properly and paid well to retain their services. Ongoing training is also a must as new rebuttals and objections need to be worked on daily. There is always a new reason to go solar and the sales team needs to have these points handy and ready to convey to homeowners.

Educate Homeowners 

Many homeowners do not know the benefits of going solar. Many homeowners have never heard of tax credits, net metering, or the savings that can be had on their electric bills. Some of my clients are using webinars, and hosting local events to educate homeowners.My brother recently had solar installed in his home and attributes being educated properly to coming to the decision to go solar. He says he would never have considered the idea had he not been approached and educated first. 

Establish Partnerships

In addition to telemarketing, door knocking, and running ads, establishing partnerships within your community is a great way to bring in new clients. Ask yourself this question “ who has my

clients ?” The answers are realtors, mortgage brokers, pest control companies, local gym owners, air conditioning contractors, builders and the list goes on. Consider holding a community business networking event to form partnerships with these potential powerful referral sources. 

Diversify Your Marketing 

I have been involved with sales for over 30 years and the one thing that is still true today is what works one day may not work the next. In addition with all of the competition in solar to get to the homeowner fast and first you must use all possible mediums. My clients who are some of the top installers in their territories are either purchasing or scheduling appointments with in-house setters.These teams are purchasing opt-in data generated by search.  Many are running ads on Facebook and other social platforms. Most top companies have canvassers door knocking and setting up meetings for themselves or the top closers. The purchase of real time leads generated by email, PPC or call centers is also a profitable tool. If you are looking to increase your sales substantially and become the leader in your territories you must diversify. 

In conclusion , this looks to be the Golden Age of Solar and it could last a while , consider these options we have discussed if you are looking to take advantage in what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity

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