The Solar industry had a great year in 2021. I have seen more teams have record years as well as more people enter the solar industry than ever before. Factors such as low interest rates, a previous slow down in Covid-19 , and a desire by the American public to save money has lead to more homeowners opting for solar than previous years. A green administration, profitable investing climate, and affordable solar has attracted enormous interest. There are a few things solar teams should keep in mind in 2022.


Several months back we saw ADT acquire Sunpro for just over 800 million dollars. This was an enormous deal and we feel we will see more home service companies with built in infrastructure look to acquire solar companies. If companies in alarm, home improvement , and real estate have existing customers its a perfect play for them to acquire companies in the solar industry to cross sell their products .

Top Solar States

The leaders over the past few years have been the names you know well like CA, MA,FL,TX and NV. Recently NC has jumped into the list of top solar states .If you are a nationwide company you may want to explore setting up an operation in North Carolina as this could be a key state for installs going forward. 

Solar Stocks 

Shares in Tesla are up 27 percent this year. This is a company that is in the news everyday for many reasons. Among other factors, the positive solar environment has helped boost shareholder confidence and the stock price.Many homeowners invest in solar and have access to information about the industry. 

Solar Marketing

Many clients have asked me what is the best way to increase installs . The answer is a diverse marketing program .In my 6 years in the solar lead generation industry I have witnessed what works one day may not work another. Teams need to reach homeowners with multiple mediums.  Door knocking is still king for many teams. In addition Facebook ads and You tube ads have been converting for many of our clients. Many of my clients are using real time and aged opt in solar data to call and email homeowners. These leads are seeing conversions to appointments of 17-20 percent on the real time leads and 2-3 percent on the aged version. Lastly, purchasing pre-set appointments from call centers is always an effective option. In this case teams must properly vet the marketers they work with. If possible and affordable consider using call centers with english speaking reps. 

If you are in the Solar industry these are a few items to watch out for in 2022 that can help you navigate and give you what you need to increase your number of installs For more information on what’s happening in the solar industry sign up for my free newsletter at

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