As summer starts it’s obvious that things are returning to normal. America is opening up and so is the MCA industry. I speak with MCA teams every day and this week was the first time I am seeing things look like Pre Covid. I feel this year will be huge for MCA. The one piece that has not caught up with the rest of the industry is the lead piece of the business. The reason for this is we went over a year with a shortfall in the number of leads being created. Because of this, you must take a different approach with your leads. You need the best possible leads, but you also need clean leads. Clean leads are vetted. They are scrubbed for disconnects, cell numbers, and litigators. Why is this important? Here are a few reasons. 

Lead Quality

If the leads are cleaner, if you are contacting more people, you will get more merchants on the phone, more presentations, more opportunities for funding.

Team Morale

How many times does your caller tell you they can’t get anyone on the phone? Over the years brokers have told me “ we took the lead out of the dialer and the team was getting blown up with the lack of contacts”  If your team is not getting disconnected and they are getting people on the phone, they have a chance to make sales.This will improve the vibe of the room.


We all know these guys are out there.They are a bad element and make their living going after hard working teams who may make a mistake.We know nobody calls these people on purpose, its done by not being careful. Keep in mind, every call can be as high as 1,500 dollars. So on a dialer your team may call a guy 10-15 times. These litigators have resources, they can get a copy of your taxes, see your home online, see your car online,These litigators can see how much money you make, hold you out for higher numbers and threaten class action lawsuits. What is the answer ? Clean the data and put your leads on steroids.

This is the edge that our biggest clients are using to fund more deals , grow their sales teams and avoid problems.

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