I am looking forward to 2021 and feel it will be a great year for MCA. Nobody could have ever imagined Covid-19 coming along and putting the brakes on the industry. With merchant’s revenue down and many funders closed, it’s more important to execute properly on your marketing program than ever. You must maximize your leads and get as much out of them as possible. Last month I purchased a file from one of my regular publishers and split the file in half to 2 different clients, 2000 leads each. I had 2 different responses from the clients here is what happened.

Client 1 called the leads a few times, worked them on a dialer and texted manually from his phone the merchants who did not pick up on the calls. His response was that things were going ok, a few apps out some decent files in, I will let you know if anything funds. Client 2 had a different approach. He texted the leads for MCA, set up a drip-email campaign, used his dialer system with interchanging numbers, and after a week, instituted a ringless voicemail campaign. Then client number 2 executed the same program again for Collateralized lending, equipment leasing, credit card stacking, credit repair, SBA, and merchant processing. Each campaign was called from different numbers and emailed to a unique landing page relevant to the products. The campaign was repeated several times with a week break in between for each product. After 1 month the calls and emails were scaled back to monthly but again with different numbers and new landing pages relevant to the products. Client 2 has said the campaign is already profitable and expects from the 2,000 lead set a 3-5 times return on his money month 1.

Many shops are still offering only MCA and that is working well. The teams that have evolved with their product mix and their marketing efforts are getting much more returns on their lead purchase. If you would like to discuss how we can assist you with these types of marketing plans call me today or email me to schedule a consultation.

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