Final Expense has become one of the fastest growing segments of the insurance industry . The industry is expected to surpass 2.2 Billion in revenue in 2023. With over 10,000 people turning 65 per day there seems to be an unlimited number of prospects to market to. I speak with owners of Insurance Agencies daily and everyone is looking for the best marketing mix. If you want to convert as many prospects as possible it is a great idea to have multiple marketing products in place to make sure you are hitting prospects on every level. Here are a few lead types that agents are sharing their opinions about

Live Transfers 

Transfers can be a great option if you have a sales team in place to handle these types of leads. Often these calls are generated offshore.The offshore calls make the call affordable and many offshore centers have the ability to generate a large volume of calls. If you are purchasing calls make sure you are getting a buffer or duration to qualify your prospect. Our calls are billable after 120 seconds.Anything prior is non billable. A strong sales team can close a large amount of prospects using transfers. We prefer to have at least 3 agents taking calls. Lastly, it’s important that the call center use TCPA compliant data that is scrubbed against the DNC.

Opt In Final Expense Leads 

These are leads that can be very effective if you have a strong sales team, or if you yourself can handle objections. These types of leads usually come with a trusted form to confirm opt in and TCPA compliance. A good aged opt in lead should convert at 1.5-3 percent meaning for 1000 leads you should get 15-30 good prospects that may close. Aged leads are less expensive than real time leads so your CPA should be very good.,

Facebook Leads 

These leads are very popular but come with a lot of competition .Another concern is in many cases you may not get the prospect on the line leaving you with a loss on that lead which may cost you 25-40 dollars

Direct Mail

This has always been a favorite of teams that have strong marketing budgets. The Best way to execute these drops is to arrange a set price per lead so you know you are locked in for a certain CPA. In this case you are guaranteed to receive a set amount of leads. The key here is to be mailing into the right zip codes with income levels that will qualify for your offer.

These are a few of the lead types agents are using. It’s important to remember Final Expense is a volume play and you want to get the lowest CPA possible with the most amount of conversions. Invest wisely in your business and you could see major financial rewards. The average Final Expense broker made over 80,000 dollars last year, but you should not shoot for average .

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