Solar continues to be one of our strongest verticals. After a slow down as a result of Covid-19, the industry is set to have one of the biggest runs in its history. The climate is perfect. We now have a green administration, major returns in solar investments, and Americans looking to save money in any way possible. This is the time to increase efforts, sales teams, and marketing to take advantage of this unprecedented time. Many teams are back to doing in-home visits but others are still closing by way of Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. This leads to the question, how strong is your inside sales team? How good are your closers at appointment setting and closing deals by way of the phone? One of the things you can do to help your team in addition to constant training and testing of metrics is a solid diverse marketing plan. Some of my clients that are seeing their installs way up in Q1 are using a diverse approach. Many are blending the following types of leads.

  1. Real-time exclusive opt-in lead switch trusted form. These leads will go to your closers. These leads have the homeowner’s contact information, utility bill amount, and confirmed single-family homeowners. My top teams are seeing these leads convert at 17-20 percent to appointments 
  1. Live Transfers. Our top teams are scheduling many appointments by using this product . With a 180-second call buffer, they have plenty of time to qualify and schedule appointments.
  1. Aged 2 weeks–90 days opt-in data. These are all people who filled out a form online for a solar call back. These include contact, credit rating, single family confirmed, and utility bill amount. These are converting at 2-3 percent. About 20-30 appointments per thousand 

If you use these types of leads in any combination and train your team to properly handle these leads we expect you will see a record number of appointments. Now is the time in Solar to pull out all the guns, we may never see a perfect storm like the one we have today.

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