As we start the 4th quarter I can see things getting back to normal . Most brokers are back to work, funders are opening their doors, and merchants are open for business. These all equal the perfect storm for MCA. As I speak with ISO teams daily the common theme is leads. They need more, better quality, and higher revenue. The issue the industry is having is we went close to a year without any leads being generated. Submissions were down, transfers were not being purchased and ISO teams were not buying online leads. This is the data teams are calling 30-90 days later and the numbers are down. Combine that with many defaults and businesses experiencing low revenue and you get a shortfall in data. The teams that I speak with daily that are successful and getting around this are diversifying their marketing and doubling or tripling their budgets.For now this is being done to get more and higher revenue deals. So from what I am seeing now what will the most successful shops in 2022 be doing? Here is what teams tell me has been working .

Text Campaigns

Using TCPA compliant data to reach merchants has come to be one of the most effective ways of reaching prospects. If you are not texting you are at a disadvantage to your competition. LMG is providing cell data to teams as well as managing campaigns. 

Aged Submissions

These are the bread and butter for many of our clients .Whether the closers or fronters are calling these leads if the sales team is strong and these leads are also being texted and emailed they can be a vital part of your team’s sales process. 

Email Marketing 

This is essential if you are going to be competitive . MCA emails have become one of the largest parts of my business. Teams that are using effective drip marketing campaigns with quality data are seeing an increase in submissions. Take a look at Hypermail to help you get a lot of emails out to merchants. 

Live Transfers 

This can be tricky. There are many offshore centers providing transfers with low quality and dirty data that can lead to telemarketing lawsuits. Select a vendor with a proven track record , clean data and proven results. LMG is currently partnering with call centers generating thes etypes of transfers.

I feel 2022 will be a huge year for the industry. If you implement a strong diverse marketing program you may see the largest year of your funding career.

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