Week 3 of February was another strong week. The vibe for MCA teams that are aggressive and, marketing heavily is they can’t get enough quality leads. These teams seem to be back to where they were pre Covid and they are laser-focused. I am expecting a strong push next week as we are about to enter the last week of the quarter-that went fast!

There were some surprises. Friday I had a number of calls from clients who as one ISO put it are looking to utilize their manpower. These teams are funding, but not back to the level they were pre covid and are looking for ways to utilize their sales teams. A few of my clients mentioned breaking up their rooms and putting a portion of their teams on health insurance, debt settlement( credit card), mortgage, and solar. To me, mortgage and solar make the most sense. Rates are at an all-time low for home buyers, and for Solar, the Biden administration is in a huge green push. With solar and mortgage, you are basically using the same leads. You are looking for a single, family homeowner, with a 650 credit score so if you are working on these products you are bringing your marketing cost way down. These 2 verticals are not going away anytime soon, and with solar, you could see a 10-year run. The fees in solar can be 5-10k for a normal size home depending on your terms. 

I have optin data for both of these campaigns, as well as Solar appointments and mortgage, live transfers. Feel free to call me to discuss these opportunities. At 781-690-5077

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