To run a large funding business you need quality leads. You need to have good leads and use those leads properly with call, text, and email campaigns to get the most out of these leads. The shortage of MCA leads has come from a lack of submissions, aged transfers, and opt-in leads that were not generated while MCA was shut down last spring. I got a call from a broker Monday night at 9 pm. He told me he wanted to place an order for leads with a minimum revenue of 100k, verified cell phones, and verified emails. This broker works for a large company and went on to tell me he does not accept andy deals under 50k. I realize everyone wants to fund large deals however those types of leads in large volume are not realistic. 

During these times with COVID many brokers are focusing on client acquisition. One of my clients recently told me he funded over 120  units with his team last month, with the average deal being 15-20k. His goal is to build his book and set up a large renewal business with the hopes many merchants will have larger monthly revenues once the pandemic ends. Now is the time to bring clients on board and build for the future. For teams that are looking to acquire merchants with multiple products using a diverse marketing program, Loyola Media can help you. Call today  781-690-5077

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