As we speak with Solar Teams daily we continue to hear about teams posting record months. Solar has been one of the industries bouncing back the fastest post lockdown. Many factors are contributing such as a green administration, lower pricing, a positive green investment climate, and the desire for homeowners to save money has never been greater post covid. The numbers we are seeing for the future of Solar are favorable for Solar Teams, as we expect double digit growth over the next 3-5 years. If you have strong products and marketing you can expect the next few years to be very profitable. As I speak with Solar Teams daily, here are some of the marketing strategies they are using to increase installs.

Texting Campaigns

Teams are using texting platforms to reach homeowners with targeted homeowner credit score specific data. This data is cleaned against TCPA and DNC .We are able to provide a texting platform to assist in high quality delivery

Opt In Solar Leads

If you have an inside sales team that has experience in speaking with homeowners , generate your own appointments. There is no need to go offshore and deal with poor quality. We provide opt-in TCPA compliant solar data that converts at 2-3 percent into appointments. Keep the quality in house and don’t worry about your appointments being resold.

Youtube Influencers

Many teams are using influencers to generate leads .This is a fairly new strategy .Teams are reporting a high amount of conversions via Youtube.

As Solar continues to grow, many new players will come into the industry to gain an edge on the competition diversifying your marketing is a must . LMG is available to provide marketing account management in Solar. Call us today for a consultation.

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