One of the many things that have been caused by Covid-19 in the MCA space has been the disruption to qualified leads. The leads that most brokers call are a combination of UCCs, triggers, aged live transfers, and aged submissions. The problem is when many funders shut down there was not a large number of deals funded thus not many of these leads created leaving a major shortfall in the industry. Many people are either calling the same leads or in some cases, the same people are calling back door files over and over again. So if you have a successful sales team, a great infrastructure in place why not become your own lead broker? Many of my clients are starting to produce real-time live exclusive leads with the data they purchase from LMG. What do these strategies look like? While many teams are still purchasing leads to have their teams make outbound calls others are taking a different approach. In the past 6 months, I have seen a better than 90 percent increase in my sales of mca cell phone leads and mca email leads. Teams are purchasing inexpensive data to create real-time opt-in forms, text responses, and inbound calls. By using tools such as Sigrid, GMAS, and Twilio teams are texting and emailing to their own in-house websites, and creating real-time leads that their top closers can call immediately.  

Want to create a business loan marketing program on steroids? Many of my clients are taking this strategy and doing separate campaigns for MCA, Credit Cards, Equipment, Collateral, and in some cases Mortgages( if properly licensed). Once these leads a recreated they are called by the firm’s top closes and either closed or recycled to the CRM for drip email and text campaigns. 

If you are interested in learning more about creating an in-house campaign or acquiring leads to facilitate these programs call me today at 781-690-5077.I will help you create your own programs that you can increase your funding 2-3x in the next month.

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