Covid-19 stunned the MCA industry and put the business on hold in a matter of a few days. Merchants closed their doors, defaults were at record highs, funders paused, and many ISO teams were forced to take time away from the business. Since then we have seen an uptick in the MCA business. Merchants in some industries are back to work, funders are loosening, and many ISO teams are back to having record months. One of my clients told me last week, it’s business as usual again. The biggest challenge seems to be in the MCA lead space. Things are still recalibrating. This is most true in the aged mca lead market. What I mean by this is when dealing with aged MCA leads they mainly come from either aged submissions or from aged live transfers. During the MCA shutdown, these 2 lead types were drastically reduced. This has provided a shortage of solid aged MCA data. The aged data that was available was full of defaults and over-leveraged merchants. This is just starting to readjust and we are starting to see some higher deposit quality lead files from our publishers. What is the best way to sustain marketing during these volatile times.? Here are a few products our clients are funding with. 


Clients are either calling 24-hour submissions and competing against other brokers who may be looking at the deals or calling aged data. When calling the 24 hours, be prepared to possibly discount your fee and go head to head with several other brokers. On the aged, the best submissions seem to be 60-90 days old. The merchant my be up for renewal or need additional funding 60-90 days seems to where I am hearing the most deals being funded 

Real-Time Inbound Leads 

Thes leads are generated by text and email and getting a merchant to respond and calling the merchant in real-time seems to give brokers an advantage 

MCA Texting Campaigns.

Like any other marketing campaign, text messages are very efficient. Brokers are seeing a high response from mass texting merchants The number of requests for MCA Cell data last month was the highest it has ever been. If you are texting make sure to clean your data against people who have filed lawsuits for TCPA violations in the past. This will save you a lot n legal fees. 

Many people in the MCA industry are optimistic. With a vaccine coming  funders opening their doors and the election over it could be an amazing time to be an MCA broker

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